Allen Interactive Patient Systems

Improving the Patient Experience

Allen IPS solutions give patients in-room access to:

  • educational content – condition, medication, procedures
  • entertainment – movies, TV programming, games, internet, and music
  • hospital services that can improve their comfort and engagement

Through a footwall TV, bedside touch screen, or tablet PC, patients are put at the center of their hospital care experience, giving them the personalized tools and support they need during treatment and recovery.

In addition to direct patient support, Allen IPS solutions provide
caregivers and administrators visibility into the end-to-end care
experience with the ability to:

  • track education compliance
  • capture patient feedback
  • identify patient satisfaction issues in real time

These insights can help improve HCAHPS results and lower readmission rates, while maximizing staff efficiency.

HCAHPS Results

Readmission Rates

Increase Caregiver Efficiency